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I can’t remember when I started to have a love for interiors, it’s always been there and has just kept growing, so much so that I decided to have a complete career change and immerse myself in something which I love.  

Previously my career took me to some of the most breath-taking homes around the globe; if the architecture on the outsides didn’t leave me in awe the interiors were breathtaking. I loved hearing my clients describe the vision and passion they had for their homes, the interior pieces they loved and seeing how these items worked in conjunction with the colour pallets of the rooms. Not only did I find the interior side inspiring I was also given invaluable advice from some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs as to setting up and running a business.

When I took the plunge to establish the company, the hardest part was which products to focus on, some of them, all of them but each time I kept being drawn back to ceramics, this is truly where my passion lies hence forming Casa de Ceramics.

The journey so far has been incredible; I have loved sourcing products from around the globe armed with the very wise words of “only buy what you like, and in the style you like; you and your style are your brand”.

I hope you love the products as much as I do, and I look forward to welcoming you and taking you on the journey of Casa with me.

Gillian Lewis

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