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LSA International Palazzo Mug 340ml Pearl/Platinum


A porcelain mug hand painted with platinum and iridescent lustre.


The vitrified porcelain mug is painted by hand with iridescent pearl lustre and finished with a platinum rim and handle.

Hand-painted with an iridescent lustre

Hand-painted platinum rim and handle

Vitrified porcelain

Individually boxed



Capacity: 340ml, Height: 8.5cm, Width: 11.5cm

Materials & Making

The raw material is formed into shape using bespoke moulds; after drying, rough areas and uneven surfaces are then removed, and the handle is applied by hand. A three-stage firing process then takes place with an initial biscuit firing, followed by a second glaze firing to establish the classic strength and translucence of the porcelain. The mug is hand-painted with an iridescent lustre, fired again at a high temperature then the rim and handle are hand-painted with platinum.

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Product code: CASADC00068
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