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Catchii Set of 4 Breakfast Plate Peacock


The small plates from Catchii dinnerware are part of the ‘Birds of Paradise – South African Garden’ collection. Our plates are ideal for daily use, family meals, casual dinners and festive occasions. Carried on the wind, the Catchii leaf travels the world in search of inspiring places. When it finds them, it drifts to the ground and captures the spirit of the area’s individual charm. The wind then lifts it back to the skies, on to its next destination. For this dinnerware collection the Catchii leaf drifted down on the lush gardens of South Africa. It was here where Catchii unwound after a long day and found inspiration to create the South Africa – Birds of Paradise dinnerware collection. Overwhelmed by the abundance of natural beauty and charm, Catchii wants to make you curious about the rich diversity of the indigenous plants, insects and birds of South Africa. Enjoying the grace of the peacock and wondering about the brightly coloured feathers of birds flying overhead.

Size 21cm

Made in Poland

Material Porcelain

3 in stock

Product code: CASADC00028
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