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Catchii Set of 4 Dinner plates Bamboo & Singing Birds


Dinner plate Bamboo & Singing Birds from Catchii dinnerware is part of the Yumiko of Tokyo collection. Our plates are ideal for daily use, family meals, casual dinners and festive occasions. From breakfast to soirées. Carried on the wind, the Catchii leaf travels the world in search of inspiring places. When it finds them, it drifts to the ground and captures the spirit of the area’s individual charm. The wind then lifts it back to the skies, on to its next destination. For this dinnerware collection the Catchii leaf drifted down in the beautiful nature of Japan and the vibrant city of Tokyo. It was here where Catchii unwound after a long day and found inspiration to create the Yumiko of Tokyo dinnerware collection. The Bamboo & Singing Birds series is beautiful in its simplicity. This stylish collection combines well with the other series. This collection makes us return to nature. Bamboo symbolizes longevity. Celebrate every day as a new beginning and enjoy the elegant designs

Size 27cm

Made in Poland

Material Porcelain

4 in stock

Product code: CASADC00033
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